NGC Talk


Today I gave a talk at the Nordic Game Conference 2017 in Malmö.

The Talk is a brief summary of my master thesis. It researches the possibilities that alternative controllers and AI present for emotional engagement in video games.

“Have you ever thought about building a game that reacts to your players’ emotions, rather than telling them how to feel? What about using emotions as player input? In this talk, I will share some thoughts on what that could look like. I propose seeing emotional engagement as a process rather than a single state, and argue that “flow” is not only difficult to create in games, but can reduce the game’s impact on the player. To elicit deeper emotions in games, I suggest looking beyond traditional game interfaces, and exploring the possibilities that alternative controllers and artificial intelligence can provide. I encourage game developers to focus on the player’s emotional engagement, without limiting the player to a linear emotional experience.”

You can find the slides here: NGC2017/Slides

And if you curious you can read more about the teddy controller or read my master thesis.